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Thank you for your interest in ephemeras. We welcome all styles of art and are currently looking for flash fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art relating to our theme of anamnesis.

ephemeras will NOT accept work generated from or with the assistance of AI.
(but here is what we look for in future submissions)
Submission Guidelines:
  • Fiction: we are namely seeking literary fiction and its sub-genres. If it's weird, if it's nostalgic, if it's urgent—we want to read it. For flash: send up to 3 pieces no more than 1,000 words each. For short fiction and excerpts from longer works: up to 4,000 words in a singular submission.
  • Nonfiction: we accept creative nonfiction and cultural commentary/criticism (up to 3,000 words)
    • ​We will not accept submissions of interviews, book reviews, academic papers, or personal narratives that do not address a wider scope at this moment​​
    • Queries/pitches are encouraged but not necessary prior to submitting
  • Poetry: up to 3 poems in a single submission. So the integrity of the original work is not lost, please refrain from sending experimental line breaks and spacing that will not translate during formatting.
  • Visual art: film photography, paintings, sculptures, digital artwork (submit 3-5 photos as individual high-quality JPEG files)
_ (23).jpeg
We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on X/Twitter @ephemerasmag to stay up to date with us.
  • Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, please let us know if work submitted to us will be published elsewhere.
  • We cannot compensate writers at this time.
  • We will not accept previously published work.
  • ephemeras retains no rights to your work other than online publication.
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