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A slightly perverted accountant

Robert Feder

     Robert loved the preciseness of numbers; that’s why he became an accountant. 2+2 = 4, not about 4. If you feel that 2+2 should =5, it doesn’t matter- Numbers don’t care how you feel.

     His specialty was checking tax returns done by other accountants. He checked the numbers, the assumptions, the relevant legal and regulatory opinions, even the calculations.

     He checked all calculations three times for each return. However, for the last return of the tax year, usually at 11:59 on April 15, he went a little wild. He only checked the calculations twice.

     He always felt a little crazy after this, wild and full of passion. In fact, he tried not to judge others, but he knew that action, for him, was maybe just a little bit perverted.

Robert is delighted to be in the debut issue of Ephermas and is ecstatic to have found other people who share his strange sense of humor. After years of writing financial analyses, he no longer writes about money, loans, and debt levels for a large commercial bank in New York City but now writes about important things like sitting around a sandbox in a park and humanities pending obsolescence. A story Robert wrote entitled “Trial by Influencer “was published in a literary anthology by Free Spirit Publisher ( that is called “Business Stories.”
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