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Sarah Das Gupta

In my dreams

I’ve been there often

I know the drive so well

A road lined with blossom

Horses in a green meadow

Flicking flies in the sun

Spaniels laze on the grass

A veranda, shady, secluded

A table of woven straw

A bottle of wine from the South

Lawn curtains billow softly

At every breeze which passes

Old men talk of old wars

In places no one recalls

By the lake

Sounds of children laughing

But I’ll never go there at all.

Sarah Das Gupta is an English Teacher from Cambridge UK whose work has been published in over 15 different countries and many anthologies and magazines including: 'American Writers Review', 'New English Review', 'Songs of Eretz', 'Berlin Review', 'Pure Haiku', 'Paddler' among many others.
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