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Peter Devonald

I am my past

feel it so clearly in childhood,

such awareness, clear paths,

so obvious to follow patterns,

be good to all things, protect

and save, nurture beautifully

every living thing, all unity

unified in thought and action,

a way of life to behold beauty.

I lose my past

gently at first but faster, faster,

all certainties get lost in noise,

confused in stress/ speed of life.

I wonder if I dreamed past lives

or saw movies in childhood,

mistook them for real memories.

So much to do and think, no

space for anamnesis of past lives.

I witness my past

only in dreams now, glimpsed

out the corner of my eyes on

warm summer days like heat

haze, strange miracles eyed,

urban desert is an oasis of the

mind, rarely, subtly, glance

true meaning to life, witness

diamond bullets of the mind.

I realise my past

only when I am with you,

I knew the first time we met

we’d known each other for

centuries, spread over many

continents, dreaming spires

to Ganges heat, African skies

to American dreams, thousand

times we soar as eagles, again.

Peter Devonald is widely published in magazines/anthologies including London Grip, Door Is A Jar, Bluebird Word, and more. He won the Waltham Forest Poetry Prize 2022, Heart Of Heatons Poetry Award 2023 & 2021, joint winner FofHCS Poetry Award 2023, and 50+ film awards. He was former senior judge/ mentor Peter Ustinov Awards (iemmys), and is currently a poet in residence at Haus-a-rest. 
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