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A Bitch

Barbara A. Meier

I would be that woman of Canaan,

a notorious sinner, a feral dog, a bitch.

Surreptitiously sidling to the Master’s crumbs

spilled under the table.

She cried out:

“Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me!

As I cry out to Him.

I get what I came for:

Not crumbs, but cakes of mercy,

bread of forgiveness, licking the pools of spilt wine.

I am a dog, a whore,

a baptized child of God,

adopted as righteous

because of one selfless act.

Barbara has been published in The Poeming Pigeon, Pure Slush, Metonym, Young Ravens Literary Review, and The Bangor Literary Journal. She also has three chapbooks published: “Wildfire LAL 6”, “Getting Through Gold Beach”, and  “Sylvan Grove.” She works in a second-grade classroom and likes to drive the dirt roads and explore the prairie. She loves all things ancient.
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